Saturday, July 24, 2010

I was a guest on a popular Filipino show called Mel & Joey.


Jeques said...


I have seen some of your videos cooking filipino foods that brought you close to the filipino hearts. There is indeed some truth in an old adage and you have proven it, but you have gone beyond what it said because for you, "The easiest way to the Filipino race's heart is through their stomach."

But more than that, your efforts of learning our language is exceptional. If I have to believe in reincarnation, perhaps I could say, you must have lived a filipino life in your past life.

Thank you very much for embracing our culture, for giving highly regard for our language by learning it - I know it's a challenge but it's endearing how you sound - and for reserving a special space in your heart for something filipino.

You are a prove that it is possible to trancend boundaries set upon us by customs. Your noble gestures is the fullfillment of one of Martin Luther King, Jr's dreams in his famous speech, "I Have A Dream." That we could all live side by side irregardless of the colors of our skin because we all have the same hearts that know one thing: to love.

I wish you well.

~ Jeques

(Filipino living in Chicago)

Anonymous said...


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